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Paper-Io is a highly addictive online game which enables its users to enjoy unlimited fun and unlimited possibility. The paper-in game is a version of the well-known solitaire game but this time, the user has to use only one’s paper when playing paper-io. Thus, it becomes completely dependent on the paper that is provided by the user. And if the paper is not good enough, the user will not be able to play any of his or her previous paper-games.

Paper-IO is one of the many versions of the classic game called the Solitaire. Although there are many versions of this classic game, but the key similarity with paper-it is that you are required to use nothing but paper. The user earns points and the winner is the player who has won the most points. In paper-is, like in solitaire, there are various ways to play the game.

Basically, paper-it is played on a board made up of seven circles. These seven concentric circles have a total of 99 squares around them. And each square has two allotted columns for the user to place their paper on. rows contain numbers that are used by the user to move their paper across the board. The user can change the position of their paper by adding or deleting the number rows. However, there is a limit of two moves per round.

In paper-in, there are different types of games available. To start with, there is the game of all squares. This type of paper-it is popularly known as the ‘challenge game’ owing to the fact that there are no borders or corners in this type of paper-it game. The challenge is taken with a view to challenge the user a number of times for winning at the end.

The second type of paper-it is the grid paper-in which is a lot like the traditional card or board games where there is only one square to play with. In paper-in, the player takes turns and gets to choose a number from among the numbers in that square. This number is hidden and only discovered by the player through a process of elimination. There are four types of squares in a paper-in game, namely the high, medium, low, and medium plus one.

The third type of paper-is, as the name suggests, involves the use of a grid paper. Here, the grid shows one number at a time to be played against the user. The user then chooses a number from among the squares displayed on the grid. The paper grid in paper-in games is a little bit difficult to read and understand; hence, it is better not to choose very simple and easy numbers to play with.

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